This great party band are at home on the festival stage, village hall or nightclub.

They can be up to a 14 piece band for the big occasion, seven to ten is the usual touring outfit. Los Squideros play wholesome Latin beats with ska and tex-mex.

Los Squideros have been together in pretty much the same format for since'97. The band quickly grew to a nine piece, then eleven playing at pubs and clubs and many, many parties.  During this time they have been very active with live shows around the country and have been invited to play at a few good music festivals, Glastonbury five times now, on the Obscuries stage, Avalon, in 99,2000 and Lost Vagueness 2000, 2002, 2003....and 2004 regular and firm favourites with the toast of the festival.


Rave reviews......

Los Squideros were first to play. Leo and his gang were exceptional. They played a very enjoyable set of Latin American stuff. They got the whole dance floor moving. They were terrific to watch!

From Glastonbury festival:

Lost Vaguness had a stage there last year too. I hope they're back again this year. Los Squideros were brilliant.

Saturday night highlights were liquid acid, Love Grocer in the Avalon, Los Squideros in the ballroom and Basement Jaxx on the Other.

Name: DJ Matt Proper
Resident: The Dome, Morecambe
Music: Breakbeat
The naffest / best band you've been to see?
Oasis / A band called 'Los Squideros' who play Latin ska.



The full line up of Los Squideros is:

Nick ~ drum kit------Ian ~ timbale and pecussion-------Benny ~ congas------Morgan ~ bass------Johnny & Matt ~ two lead guitars------Leo ~ guitar & backing vocals------Ian ~ mandolin------Lynn ~ recorder------Ben & Steve ~ sax------Dom ~ trombone------and Mary ~ lead vocals.


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tel: 07816 68 68 56